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The traditional patio awning has evolved into a fully functional and innovative design element to extend your living space and enjoy the beauty of outdoor living. As a specialized exterior shading and retractable awning company, we can install everything from a simple lateral arm full cassette awning in Boston, MA to a fully equipped outdoor living space with heating, lighting, music and motorized shades in The Hamptons, NY.

Skylight Shades

Today, almost any structure can be shaded, regardless of angle, shape or location. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for windows and skylights of any degree or angle.

Zipper Shades

Exterior shading significantly reduces heat gain and glare. Exterior zipper track shades can fit any rectangular opening and can be installed exteriorly or interiorly. Zip shade technology holds the fabric under constant tension between two opposing side channels at all times. The technology can be applied to many types of shades – top-down, bottom-up, inclined orientation or horizontal orientation.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Use advanced shading technology to build a more structural solution for healthy outdoor living with indoor convenience. A Renson pergola with a retractable pergola canopy lets you create an extra living space outdoors, whether free-standing or attached to a façade. Rotatable and retractable roof louvers, together with zip shades and screens, offer protection from sun, wind, rain and bugs. Add LED lighting, audio and heat for more outdoor enjoyment.

Roll Shutter

We offer a range of high-quality aluminum roll shutters with compact and aesthetically pleasing housings to form a barrier against unwanted intruders and extreme weather conditions.

Motorized Solar Protection & Screening for Every Angle & Every Direction

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