How we work

From the drawing table to on-site engineering

With our own team of engineers we support our customers all the way from the drawing table to on-site engineering. By designing, drawing and testing before installation we can ensure you will enjoy the highest quality of engineered products. These services are most critical when site-specific engineering is needed and are the key to successfully cover the most difficult windows.

Continuous Innovation

The growing demand for residential and commercial buildings to express the uniqueness and individuality of the end-user drives us all to come up with innovative and custom-made solutions. As a defining part of the architecture, windows and glazing are becoming more and more diverse and unusual.  

Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness for the function of shading as an instrument to help save energy in homes and offices and for effortlessly creating a comfortable indoor climate at any time of the day.

To accommodate these demands, Specialized Shading Systems therefore continuously invests in new technologies and the product portfolio. Working closely with our international partners allows us to remain continuoulsy innovative.